Tuesday, July 26, 2011

for the love of fashion and style.

I have this thing I love to do...online shopping. Well, actually it would be considered online window shopping. You see, I love going to a favorite clothing website and putting anything that strikes my fancy in my cart. Then, once I can't find anything else I like I go back and look at everything I just added. After that I remember I can't possibly afford any of it right now so I simply walk away.

I love clothes and accessories...anything to do with fashion and style. However I struggle everyday with what to buy. What to wear. I am constantly snapping a photo of myself with my phone and sending it to my sister to ask for her opinion.

Another problem that I face is cost...it is just too expensive to buy all the clothes I want. Wouldn't it be nice to not ever worry about money for your wardrobe. If I had unlimited amounts of money I would buy shoes...lots and lots of shoes. In all sorts of styles and colors, I would have a different type of shoe for any outfit and any occasion. Ahhh... now that is my idea of heaven.

Reality check, I don't have that luxury. There are many clothing options out there however, for those in the same boat as myself.

The dress, shoes and necklace all come from Charlotte Russe. The blazer is from gojane and the clutch is from Boden, but I can't seem to find it on their site anymore.  All of the items on the above style board are under $40, how is that for frugal fashion.

You see you don't need to have obscene amounts of money to have a killer wardrobe. Get out there and experiment. I know that's what I plan on doing.

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