Monday, July 25, 2011

a little demolition.

Okay, maybe a lot.

Saturday July 23, 2011 was the day. The day we started tearing this house apart. It feels good to finally type that. We started in the kitchen and boy was it cathartic to rip things out.

First thing to go..the linoleum tiles. It took some time and there were a few spots that were pretty stubborn, but for the most part it came up fairly easily.

While we..myself and Brandon, a friend we somehow talked into helping us..scraped the floor, Nick was busy removing the kitchen sink. First the water needed to be turned off and then the pipe taken apart from the wall.

Yes, it really was that dirty under the sink.
Next he used a small crowbar and a mallet to separate the sink from the counter top. Once it was loose Nick was able to just lift it out with ease.

Once the sink was out, he was able to remove the counter tops and then the cabinets. Using a mallet he went to town breaking the cabinets apart and a crow bar to take them off the wall.

A good shot of the kitchen minus the bottom cabinets and the upper cabinet doors. We plan on keeping the upper boxes and just building new glass-front doors.
I also love the discovery of sunflower wallpaper behind the cabinets and the fact that they just painted the orange color right over the old wallpaper.

After enough damage was done on the kitchen cabinets, Nick got started in on the bathroom. Starting with the bathroom vanity and then moving on to the tub and wall enclosure. To remove the wall of the shower he first had to cut out the dry wall to reveal the edge of the wall. Then using a metal scraper and mallet he was able to remove the surrounding drywall. Next came the fun part of hacking away at the shower wall with an ax. After removing the shower wall and tub in a few pieces a boarded up window was discovered! We can't wait to open that window back up, it will lend some much needed light...and natural light at the space.

Just before calling it a day on Saturday, Nick and Brandon pulled the carpet up in the house. It came up very easily with only a little elbow grease going into removing the tack strip around the perimeter of the room.

First thing Sunday I got busy on the tile in the small storage/future backdoor area and Nick started cleaning up the remnants of the flooring removal from Saturday. Then I got started working to get the linoleum tiles in the bathroom up...those suckers were tough...while Nick removed the water heater. Making sure to turn off all gas valves first.
After working for two days straight we were beat and decided to call it a day early and considering I had to wake up at 4:00 the next morning to go run 15 miles I was ready to get out of there. We made some good progress this weekend and can't wait to start putting everything back together again.

I leave you with this...a shot of the appropriate footwear to wear while involved in demolition and the temperature we were working in.

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Janette said...

love the new blog. can't wait to read more about the new fixer upper.