Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Southern Utah has some of the best summer thunderstorms ever. There is nothing that compares to a good storm here in the desert. About two weeks ago we had a few of those glorious storms. The best part for me however was when my three year old came running in the house yelling, "mom, I found a rainbow, hurry come look!". So out the back door we ran to catch a glimpse of the rainbow that Hayden herself had been the first to spot. She was so excited, she couldn't stop laughing.

We stayed out there for a few hours enjoying the somewhat cooler weather provided by storm clouds obstructing the suns glaring rays. Hayden kept "her umbrella" by her side at all times in case of a sudden burst of water from the sky above. Of course that never happened, instead the sun decided to show its bright shinning face.
Who knew cowgirl boots, a rainbow, and an umbrella could make one little girl so happy. It's moments like these that I hope to remember when life is starting to bring me down. Leave it to the children to teach us more than we teach them.

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