Monday, August 29, 2011

My apologies.

I haven't posted in almost two weeks...yikes.

This past week has been an exhausting one, both emotionally and physically. First I found out on Saturday that my Aunt Lisa lost her nearly year long battle with cancer. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent up North for the funeral. Thursday and Friday were spent packing. Saturday I ran 19 miles at 5am and then spent the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday moving. To say I am tired would be an understatement.

No, our house is not finished quite yet, but it is getting close. The house we were living in sold so we are currently staying with my in-laws...thanks again guys...until our house is ready, hopefully in about two weeks.

My father in-law, Rick put our cabinets together on Saturday and the drywall guys should be in to re-texture the walls and ceilings first thing this week. As soon as that is finished Rick is going to paint the house for us. Nick started school last Monday, which means he is gone Monday-Thursday until 9pm. Between Working all day and school all evening it doesn't leave much time for working on the house. Luckily we have family who is willing to help out whenever we need it. Thanks again Rick!

Things should start progressing rather quickly now and I will hopefully have some updated pictures for my next post, because we all know pictures are the best part.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a bit of history

So, last week while Nick and Massimo were pulling the cabinets off the wall they discovered a little something. On the back of one of the cabinets we found this:

A hand written note: "Built by Art Wilcox and Leonard Wilcox - March 27, 1948".

Those cabinets were almost 64 years old. How cool is that? So glad I saved one to refinish. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let there be light.

Seeing as we didn't get much work done on Saturday we...actually just Nick...headed back to work on the house on Sunday. I did come over for a bit with the kids to snap a few pictures.

First on the to do list: the bathroom window.
As Nick started pulling the insulation off the window he discovered that the old window, glass and all, was still there. Now we don't have to worry about buying a new window right away. All that was left to do was tear the drywall off and unscrew the 2x4's.

I just have to add this photo...sorry, but my kids are pretty dang cute.

just sitting on the stairs waiting to go home.

Then we headed outside. First Nick pried the stucco and metal lath off the window opening. Next the removal of a piece of plywood was in order and the final step was removing the 2x4's.

We know have a window in the bathroom...sweet!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Saturday morning I woke up at 4am and went running, have I mentioned I am training for the St. George Marathon? Well, I am and it is in 7 weeks....I just threw up a little. Wow, I have never actually counted before...yikes. Anyways, I woke up bright and early on Saturday and got my long run in for the week...17 miles. I actually had a really good run and it made the marathon seem a bit more doable. I am trying this new thing called being positive. I haven't been so good about it recently so I am trying to change that.

If you are wondering what this has to do with working on the house...I am getting to that.

Saturday is also the time to have a full day spent working at the house. So we dropped the kids off at my dad and Debbie's....thanks again guys, you are the best....and headed to the house. Well first we got some lunch, we were pretty hungry, and then we went to the house. Unfortunately for Nick, like I mentioned earlier, I had been up since 4am. I was no help at all. We did get a few things done, but mostly I just sat on a pile of 2x4's and watched him work.

We painted primer on two walls in the kitchen in preparation for the cabinets.

Did you notice that the upper cabinets were missing from the photo above? Last Saturday Nick decided to tear them off the wall and have all new cabinets built. Of course he called his dad first and asked if he had time to build more for us, but then he pulled out the sledge hammer and got to work. Massimo and Annalisa happened to be there at the time so Massimo got in on the demolition.

my camera died shortly after taking these pics.
We currently have new cabinet pieces sitting in our garage and Rick will be putting them together and installing them for us this week. Things are coming together.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ideas and Inspiration.

I was looking through pictures of the house and came across this one of the upstairs loft area the first time I walked through the house. Mind you the previous renters had already moved out, they just decided to leave a few things behind.

You can't even see half of the stuff that was left up there. Next to the couch was a t.v. box, metal headboard, and box spring. Behind the stairs were other random boxes full of satellite dish parts. In the back bedroom that was covered in carpet padding was an old dresser, a hollowed out speaker, old clothes, and broken drum sticks. It took a few hours just to get it all cleaned out. The after picture above shows the area completely re-textured and ready for paint.

We had planned on putting both kids in the bedroom and then making a playroom out of the open area. But, we are thinking now it might be best to have the kids downstairs so we can get to them quicker in an emergency. I'm sure we will still make the open area a playroom, but we have yet to decided on the final room situation.

Until then, here are a few of my favorite ideas for the playroom:

I love the idea of creating a space dedicated to my children. I want an area where they can: create, learn, explore, read, play and just be kids.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I love going to the house and feeling like we are making progress, even if it's something small, it's still progress.

Before the plumbers could come in and well...plumb...Nick had to remove a giant mound of concrete that was sitting below the tub and around the main water pipe. It was very labor intensive hacking away at the cement with a sledge hammer, but he was able to create a big enough hole for the plumbing.

The bathtub and the rest of the plumbing should be installed today. Progress.

We only have one small bathroom in the house and I am determined to utilize the space as best as I can. There is room for a bathtub, toilet, and medium vanity. We removed the shower wall insert and will be installing tile around the tub and on the floor.

We have a friend that works at Lowe's and she gave us the heads up on a killer deal on a vanity. So we went ahead and bought it right away...I mean come on you don't pass up a $7 vanity. That's right I said $7.00! It is smaller than the one that was in there, so I'm not sure how I will utilize the unused space, but I would like to somehow add shelves for added storage. Did I mention that this house has zero storage? Well it does.

The following are some of my current favorite bathrooms from around the Internet:

{ Unfortunately, I can't remember sources on these photos. }
I am having a mild love affair with white subway tile lately, if it wasn't so blasted expensive I would make Nick tile my whole bathroom in it. But, seeing as that is not going to happen I am trying to talk him into installing wainscoting on the bathroom walls. I am also totally digging pedestal sinks and I love the look of exposed metal plumbing.

We will see what I come up with for this small space. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

party planning.

My baby boy will be two on October 1st, so I have decided to get an early start on planning his birthday bash. Between fixing up the house and training for the St. George Marathon...that is actually on my little guys b-day....I figured it best to get a jump start on the party planning.

The following are some fun ideas from my new addiction pinterest:

I am completely in love with these fun striped straws. I also want to get some clear plastic cups and lids, any suggestions where I can find some?

I'm pretty sure Archie would be absolutely thrilled to wake up to this on his special day..Hayden will be excited too.

Such a cute way to display pictures of the birthday boy!

I have been working on a few options for an invite...I thought it best to start now seeing how I always manage to wait until the last minute and end up having to call everyone instead of mailing an invite. I'm trying not to be such a procrastinator...lets see if it actually works.  I'm not one to have a "theme" party...I just like picking fun colors and going from there...besides, Archie isn't too into any one thing these days.

I just love this picture of my baby boy...he saw the camera, asked me to take a picture of him and proceeded to say cheese until I snapped this.

So which invite is your favorite?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


While my intentions were to work on a fun project this past Saturday, Nick had other plans for me. I was a bit disappointed, but soon realized it was far more pressing to finish gutting the house than to start a side project. We worked on removing nails from the floor where the carpet tack strip had been nailed down. Removed all miscellaneous shelving and window treatments. Finished removing the bathroom floor. Cutting out drywall for plumbing and electrical repairs. Sweeping and vacuuming. It was a productive day and a hot one at that, with the temperature in the house reading at about 94 degrees. We have an appointment to get the air conditioner serviced soon, which will hopefully bring some relief to the hot and muggy working conditions.

Just as we were about to call it a day, we decided to tackle one more small task. The removal of the extra layer of bricks in front of the fireplace.

The room is quite narrow, so we decided it would be best to streamline the fireplace a bit. We were unsure of how hard they would be to remove, but soon found out that it would be a simple job. All it took was a small chisel and a hammer to pry the bricks up one by one.

Nick was able to completely remove all the bricks in a matter of minutes. I just love it when a job is easier to accomplish than we originally thought.

To give you an idea of the direction we will be taking with the fireplace wall and the feel of the living room I created a pretty bad mock-up. But, at least you will hopefully be able to grasp our vision for this space.

We have a plumber at the house today and hopefully by the weekend we will really start putting everything back together.