Monday, August 29, 2011

My apologies.

I haven't posted in almost two weeks...yikes.

This past week has been an exhausting one, both emotionally and physically. First I found out on Saturday that my Aunt Lisa lost her nearly year long battle with cancer. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent up North for the funeral. Thursday and Friday were spent packing. Saturday I ran 19 miles at 5am and then spent the rest of the day Saturday and Sunday moving. To say I am tired would be an understatement.

No, our house is not finished quite yet, but it is getting close. The house we were living in sold so we are currently staying with my in-laws...thanks again guys...until our house is ready, hopefully in about two weeks.

My father in-law, Rick put our cabinets together on Saturday and the drywall guys should be in to re-texture the walls and ceilings first thing this week. As soon as that is finished Rick is going to paint the house for us. Nick started school last Monday, which means he is gone Monday-Thursday until 9pm. Between Working all day and school all evening it doesn't leave much time for working on the house. Luckily we have family who is willing to help out whenever we need it. Thanks again Rick!

Things should start progressing rather quickly now and I will hopefully have some updated pictures for my next post, because we all know pictures are the best part.

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