Thursday, August 4, 2011

party planning.

My baby boy will be two on October 1st, so I have decided to get an early start on planning his birthday bash. Between fixing up the house and training for the St. George Marathon...that is actually on my little guys b-day....I figured it best to get a jump start on the party planning.

The following are some fun ideas from my new addiction pinterest:

I am completely in love with these fun striped straws. I also want to get some clear plastic cups and lids, any suggestions where I can find some?

I'm pretty sure Archie would be absolutely thrilled to wake up to this on his special day..Hayden will be excited too.

Such a cute way to display pictures of the birthday boy!

I have been working on a few options for an invite...I thought it best to start now seeing how I always manage to wait until the last minute and end up having to call everyone instead of mailing an invite. I'm trying not to be such a procrastinator...lets see if it actually works.  I'm not one to have a "theme" party...I just like picking fun colors and going from there...besides, Archie isn't too into any one thing these days.

I just love this picture of my baby boy...he saw the camera, asked me to take a picture of him and proceeded to say cheese until I snapped this.

So which invite is your favorite?


Annalisa said...

i'm glad I know there is a bash. We are leaving for italy around that same time...I really want to be to the b/day we will have to organize the dates!! Love you!

Janette said...

I can so relate to you with this. I have to plan parties months in advance if I'm going to do something big. hopefully we can make it. P.s. So great to see you guys and letting Hayden hang with us!!