Monday, August 8, 2011


I love going to the house and feeling like we are making progress, even if it's something small, it's still progress.

Before the plumbers could come in and well...plumb...Nick had to remove a giant mound of concrete that was sitting below the tub and around the main water pipe. It was very labor intensive hacking away at the cement with a sledge hammer, but he was able to create a big enough hole for the plumbing.

The bathtub and the rest of the plumbing should be installed today. Progress.

We only have one small bathroom in the house and I am determined to utilize the space as best as I can. There is room for a bathtub, toilet, and medium vanity. We removed the shower wall insert and will be installing tile around the tub and on the floor.

We have a friend that works at Lowe's and she gave us the heads up on a killer deal on a vanity. So we went ahead and bought it right away...I mean come on you don't pass up a $7 vanity. That's right I said $7.00! It is smaller than the one that was in there, so I'm not sure how I will utilize the unused space, but I would like to somehow add shelves for added storage. Did I mention that this house has zero storage? Well it does.

The following are some of my current favorite bathrooms from around the Internet:

{ Unfortunately, I can't remember sources on these photos. }
I am having a mild love affair with white subway tile lately, if it wasn't so blasted expensive I would make Nick tile my whole bathroom in it. But, seeing as that is not going to happen I am trying to talk him into installing wainscoting on the bathroom walls. I am also totally digging pedestal sinks and I love the look of exposed metal plumbing.

We will see what I come up with for this small space. Stay tuned.

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Heather said...

$7 for that vanity? that's great.
sure hope you're leaving that cute green color, its a nice compliment to that orange in your kitchen.