Wednesday, August 3, 2011


While my intentions were to work on a fun project this past Saturday, Nick had other plans for me. I was a bit disappointed, but soon realized it was far more pressing to finish gutting the house than to start a side project. We worked on removing nails from the floor where the carpet tack strip had been nailed down. Removed all miscellaneous shelving and window treatments. Finished removing the bathroom floor. Cutting out drywall for plumbing and electrical repairs. Sweeping and vacuuming. It was a productive day and a hot one at that, with the temperature in the house reading at about 94 degrees. We have an appointment to get the air conditioner serviced soon, which will hopefully bring some relief to the hot and muggy working conditions.

Just as we were about to call it a day, we decided to tackle one more small task. The removal of the extra layer of bricks in front of the fireplace.

The room is quite narrow, so we decided it would be best to streamline the fireplace a bit. We were unsure of how hard they would be to remove, but soon found out that it would be a simple job. All it took was a small chisel and a hammer to pry the bricks up one by one.

Nick was able to completely remove all the bricks in a matter of minutes. I just love it when a job is easier to accomplish than we originally thought.

To give you an idea of the direction we will be taking with the fireplace wall and the feel of the living room I created a pretty bad mock-up. But, at least you will hopefully be able to grasp our vision for this space.

We have a plumber at the house today and hopefully by the weekend we will really start putting everything back together.


Annalisa said...

Is it a fun process? Or just hard work and cursing? I love your living room layout. I love the rock and the white will look great. You will love that you have the entire process documented! I can't wait to see it this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Ha! It actually is a lot of fun...there is also a lot of cursing, luckily not at each other. yet. But, mostly it's exciting and fun! Can't wait for you to see it in person!