Thursday, September 22, 2011

appliance shopping

One Saturday in August we headed out to check on some prices on appliances, mainly a washer and dryer. First stop Sears. Because of limited space in the kitchen...sadly we don't have a laundry room...we were in need of a stack able set that wouldn't break the bank. Lucky for us they had a close out on a Whirlpool floor model that fit the bill.
Yes, I realize this is a horrible picture. But, I was just so excited they were sitting in my house even if they are still wrapped in plastic.
As we looked around at other appliances we decided to check out the dishwashers as well. Because of limited space again, we were in search of an 18in dishwasher and wouldn't you know it Sears had one in stock. Score. They only had it in white and we are going with stainless steel and black for our other appliances, but the price was right so we just went for it. We figured since it is so small and there aren't any other appliances on the same wall we could get away with it.

There next to the dishwasher was a beautiful black and stainless steel gas range. Someone had bought it and then decided it wasn't the right color, so they returned it before opening it all the way. Lucky for us, because it was out of the box it was marked down a great deal so we decided to take it home as well. Thank the heavens above I don't have to try and clean the old gross range that was already in the house.

Another terrible picture, but I'm just so happy they are here.

Man were we at Sears for what seemed like an 3-4 hours...I was exhausted by the time we left. We went in just to price out washers and dryers and left with a new set, a new gas stove, an 18in dishwasher and a new hot water heater. I think it was a success.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love comparing pictures of the house before to where it is today.  There is just something about seeing the same room side by side that gets me so excited. While we still have quite a bit to do in each of these rooms, it is still fun to see the changes that we have already made.

The living room has come a long way, from the red wall with gold glitter and the giant mantle just floating above the fireplace. To one even and soft yellow color. We still have a lot of work to do on the fireplace and I'm not sure if we will get to it very soon, but the room still looks much better in my opinion.

Still to do in the living room:
     - trim
     - a new light fixture
     - new windows...eventually.
     - built-in bookshelves
     - update the firplace

In the bathroom we ended up putting the tile all the way up to the ceiling around the tub and I think it makes it appear larger. Plus with the addition of the window the room seems more open.

Still to do in the bathroom:
     - shower fixtures
     - possibly a shower door
     - toilet
     - vanity and sink
     - a mirror
     - light fixture
     - trim

I am still debating whether wainscoting would look good in here, I'm just not sure it will look good with the tile we picked out.

Here's to the next step of the process.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bathroom Tile

While my dream was to have pretty white subway tile in the one and only bathroom in the house, I had a reality check when pricing it out and realizing it was out of our budget.  Nick assured me the clearance ceramic tile we bought at Home Depot would look good. I truly thought it would look very boring and basic. Nick's cousin Rayne, who had previously worked laying tile, offered to help us out and install it for us. He also had some decorative tile that he let us have, which I think really took the over-all look up a notch.

Rayne slaving working  away.
We decided to tile up to the ceiling in the shower and I am very happy with the end result. While I was very hesitant in using this tile, I think Rayne and Nick did a great job and it will do.

A close up of the tile we decided on.
We decided to add some shelves for shampoo and such and also added some of the small decorative tile right when you walk into the bathroom.

It's coming together nicely.
All that is left to do is the grout and then we can install the toilet and vanity. Major progress people...I love it.

 Now that the tile is in, our next disagreement is over whether or not to install a shower door. Nick thinks it's crazy for him to work in the industry and not have one in his own house and I think they are a pain to bathe the kids around. While I don't doubt that it would look really nice and I know Nick looks at showers and shower doors everyday, I'm still on the fence.

What's your opinion: shower door or shower curtain?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wood Floors

As soon as we started talking about how we wanted to do the house I told Nick I HAD to have wood floors. So that is just what I got.

Friday after work Nick stopped at Intermountain Mountain Wood Products to pick up the wood flooring and Rick started working on it first thing Saturday morning. We choose a pre-finished hardwood with a dark stain and I am in love.

The kids approve! 

Saturday and Sunday were also spent installing tile in the to come soon. Monday they headed back to the house to work some more on the floors and to finish up the tile. The kids and I stopped by the house on Monday to check out the progress and I was able to get some more photos of the kitchen floor. Each time I go look at it I just want to stay and stare at it all. day. long.

Rick hard at work.

He was able to nearly finish the kitchen on Monday, but it will have to wait until another day. So excited for the finished product and to give those pretty wood floors a good cleaning.

A trip to the house would not be complete without playing in and in Archie's case eating the dirt and jumping off the front step. These two are in heaven whenever we stop by to check on the progress.

Next up: Tile in the bathroom.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Floor Plan

Just thought I would give you an idea of the layout and floor plan of the house. It's always hard to understand the way things flow just from pictures. This quick drawing of our floor plan is nowhere near to scale, but it's still gives you an idea of what we are working with.
The house is about 1400 square feet, including the upstairs.  We plan on making bedroom 1 the master and using bedroom 2 as an office/guest room. Although it doesn't look like it, there is a closet in bedroom 1 that goes under the stairs. This house has basically zero storage, but we hope to maximize every space possible. The small closet where the water heater is located will also act as a linen closet after we install shelving.

As you come up the stairs you walk right into the loft area that we plan on using as a playroom and then bedroom 3 will be Hayden and Archie's room.  We have gone back and forth over whether to put them up or down and I think as of now we are leaning towards upstairs.


Things are coming along so nicely. The walls are textured and painted, the wood floors are halfway installed and should be finished up today. The bottom kitchen cabinets are installed, we still need the uppers and all the doors, and the tile in the bathroom should be finished today as well. I am so excited to see it all done I can hardly stand it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

and then there was paint.

Once the texture was on the walls the next step was paint.

Choosing a paint color is an interesting process. The color always looks different on the wall compared to the small paint swatch. We bought a few paint samples and tried them on the walls....the winner: Pale Straw by Benjamin Moore. We had Lowe's color match it to the Olympic zero VOC paint, it has less fumes and is a very decent price.

Rick had Thursday off so he went over and got started painting. Nick stopped by that afternoon to check out how the painting was going and called to let me know the color was perfect...phew. I was able to check it out for myself just as Rick had finished and I too loved it!

It's very hard to tell the true color in these pictures, but just imagine a very soft, light and airy yellow.

Next up: wood floors.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

texture texture texture

It's happening people. Things are moving right along.

Nick decided that he did NOT want to do the texture himself, he didn't think it would turn out very well and he just didn't have the time since starting school. So he started calling around to get a few bids, it took a while to get anyone to call him back, but we eventually found someone. The price was decent so we went for it. They got started Friday August 26 re-pairing drywall and were finished with everything the following Wednesday.

Next up: paint.