Sunday, September 4, 2011

and then there was paint.

Once the texture was on the walls the next step was paint.

Choosing a paint color is an interesting process. The color always looks different on the wall compared to the small paint swatch. We bought a few paint samples and tried them on the walls....the winner: Pale Straw by Benjamin Moore. We had Lowe's color match it to the Olympic zero VOC paint, it has less fumes and is a very decent price.

Rick had Thursday off so he went over and got started painting. Nick stopped by that afternoon to check out how the painting was going and called to let me know the color was perfect...phew. I was able to check it out for myself just as Rick had finished and I too loved it!

It's very hard to tell the true color in these pictures, but just imagine a very soft, light and airy yellow.

Next up: wood floors.

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