Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bathroom Tile

While my dream was to have pretty white subway tile in the one and only bathroom in the house, I had a reality check when pricing it out and realizing it was out of our budget.  Nick assured me the clearance ceramic tile we bought at Home Depot would look good. I truly thought it would look very boring and basic. Nick's cousin Rayne, who had previously worked laying tile, offered to help us out and install it for us. He also had some decorative tile that he let us have, which I think really took the over-all look up a notch.

Rayne slaving working  away.
We decided to tile up to the ceiling in the shower and I am very happy with the end result. While I was very hesitant in using this tile, I think Rayne and Nick did a great job and it will do.

A close up of the tile we decided on.
We decided to add some shelves for shampoo and such and also added some of the small decorative tile right when you walk into the bathroom.

It's coming together nicely.
All that is left to do is the grout and then we can install the toilet and vanity. Major progress people...I love it.

 Now that the tile is in, our next disagreement is over whether or not to install a shower door. Nick thinks it's crazy for him to work in the industry and not have one in his own house and I think they are a pain to bathe the kids around. While I don't doubt that it would look really nice and I know Nick looks at showers and shower doors everyday, I'm still on the fence.

What's your opinion: shower door or shower curtain?


Kiley said...

The bathroom looks nice! We have a shower door in our kids bathroom and I've been begging my husband to remove it for 3 years! It looks nice, but I bathe the kids in our big tub because the door makes it so much harder and uncomfortable!
good luck!!!

Shannon said...

I think the tile is gorgeous! I would go with shower curtain.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

I totally agree with you. Having a shower door would be super annoying when bathing the kids. I say go with a curtain!

Everything is coming together ADORABLE! You guys have such great taste!

Janette said...

I had a glass shower door growing up that was very nice similar to Rick and Kay's but over time it just collected nasty mold between the metal and tub (hard to clean).
I love curtains just because you can change it up so much.
love the shower it's so perty. I understand it can be challenging to compromise with husbands.. been there done that many times.
btw, I love how the kitchen is coming along...white cabinets and hard wood floors.. dreamy:)

Annalisa said...

I would say glass, it looks so clean that way. I think curtains are annoying.

Heather said...

looking good. my vote is for a curtain of glass. you guys are enlisting the whole fam- love it.