Monday, September 5, 2011

Floor Plan

Just thought I would give you an idea of the layout and floor plan of the house. It's always hard to understand the way things flow just from pictures. This quick drawing of our floor plan is nowhere near to scale, but it's still gives you an idea of what we are working with.
The house is about 1400 square feet, including the upstairs.  We plan on making bedroom 1 the master and using bedroom 2 as an office/guest room. Although it doesn't look like it, there is a closet in bedroom 1 that goes under the stairs. This house has basically zero storage, but we hope to maximize every space possible. The small closet where the water heater is located will also act as a linen closet after we install shelving.

As you come up the stairs you walk right into the loft area that we plan on using as a playroom and then bedroom 3 will be Hayden and Archie's room.  We have gone back and forth over whether to put them up or down and I think as of now we are leaning towards upstairs.


Things are coming along so nicely. The walls are textured and painted, the wood floors are halfway installed and should be finished up today. The bottom kitchen cabinets are installed, we still need the uppers and all the doors, and the tile in the bathroom should be finished today as well. I am so excited to see it all done I can hardly stand it!


jaesi said...

oh man, this is gonna be so fun to watch!
Having done (sort of) a transformation to an older than the hills home, I know how freaking hard it is!
Im excited and rooting for the finished product!

Amy said...

Awesome! Is there a program you used to do your house layout? Would love to know what it is. Your place is gonna look amazing! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

Janette said...

wow, it is coming along. That is so exciting. I can't wait how it will look. I have no doubt it will be amazing, you guys have great taste.