Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love comparing pictures of the house before to where it is today.  There is just something about seeing the same room side by side that gets me so excited. While we still have quite a bit to do in each of these rooms, it is still fun to see the changes that we have already made.

The living room has come a long way, from the red wall with gold glitter and the giant mantle just floating above the fireplace. To one even and soft yellow color. We still have a lot of work to do on the fireplace and I'm not sure if we will get to it very soon, but the room still looks much better in my opinion.

Still to do in the living room:
     - trim
     - a new light fixture
     - new windows...eventually.
     - built-in bookshelves
     - update the firplace

In the bathroom we ended up putting the tile all the way up to the ceiling around the tub and I think it makes it appear larger. Plus with the addition of the window the room seems more open.

Still to do in the bathroom:
     - shower fixtures
     - possibly a shower door
     - toilet
     - vanity and sink
     - a mirror
     - light fixture
     - trim

I am still debating whether wainscoting would look good in here, I'm just not sure it will look good with the tile we picked out.

Here's to the next step of the process.


jaesi said...

its going to look soooo lovely.

Annalisa said...

love it! love it! love it!