Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plumbing Fixtures

The plumber was here putting new fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. We now have a working toilet in the house, which is so nice considering we had to drive to the park every time Hayden or myself needed to use the bathroom. We went with a standard white toilet that apparently is water efficient and once I fill out the form the nice man at Lowe's gave us, we will get a credit on our water bill through the city. Gotta love that.

For our shower and sink fixtures in the bathroom we went with brushed nickle to match the black $7 vanity we scored at Lowe's. The sink faucet is from Lowe's and the shower fixture is from Standard Plumbing Supply. We wanted something basic and low key.

For the kitchen faucet we also went with brushed nickle to match the stainless steel appliances and the black countertops. Again we wanted something simple and basic and we found a great faucet at Lowe's.

We also had a new water heater installed in the closet next to the bathroom. It is so nice to have hot water. We plan on building shelves for linens and extra bathroom items next to the water heater. We are also planning on installing a bypass door to hide the contents of this closet.

Things are starting to wrap up and the smaller things are getting attention these days. We still have a few large projects in the works, but it's the small things that make all the difference.


Annalisa said...

I love the sink in the kitchen. Love love love that you have a toilet. Hallelujah!!!

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Mathew Wade said...

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