Monday, November 21, 2011

The Story of a Fireplace Makeover: part 1

For the past few weeks we have been a bit burnt out in regards to projects and the house. Instead we have been watching episodes of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix. It was a much needed break, but we are back.

On Thursday I started playing around with the design of the know height, width, using painters tape to get a visual. Then I started looking around the internet for inspirational pictures of various ideas. One in particular caught not only my eye but Nick's as well.


After discussing the picture with Nick he got to work with the painters tape to recreate it on our fireplace. We have to work the vents into our recreation, but I think it will turn out pretty good.

Saturday morning Nick set out to Lowe's with a list of supplies to buy, while I was busy getting Hayden ready for her first "princess party".  We had to improvise a bit on the princess dress, but everything she has on she insisted on either wearing or holding.

While Hayden and I were gone Nick and Archie got to work. The first step was removing the brass fireplace cover and the remaining two vent covers. Next was cleaning out all the old soot and wood. This is what we were left with. We will be painting the bricks and the inside of the fireplace black along with the tiles in front and all three vents.

This is as far as we got on Saturday because we got hung up on exactly how to incorporate those blasted vents into our design. Sunday we finally got back to work...when I say we, I generally mean building out the fireplace surround with 2x4's and 1x2.5's to give it some added depth and dimension. Because the wall is cinder block and plaster nick had to pre-drill every hole, fill it with liquid nails and a plug and then drill the wood to the walls. It was slightly time consuming, but we are well on our way to a beautiful fireplace.


Annalisa said...

J, Hayden looks so cute. Where was her Princess party? That is so funny. I love the inspiration. What a project. you are awesome!!!

Janette said...

Nice! can't wait to see the finished project. BTW, we love the house and very happy for you two!

Heather said...

That mantel is awesome. I hope you get to decorate it for Christmas and then sit in front of it and a fire. Hayd looks too cute. I bet she loved every minute of that princess party. Miss you!