Friday, February 24, 2012


Working out comes and goes for me. I will get in such a good groove working out consistently and then I just stop. I ran for the first time yesterday morning in over a month, it was hard. It's amazing how quickly you lose your endurance. While I want to keep running short distances I also want to mix it up a bit. I found a few work outs on-line that I want to try out.

First up is this simple routine:

It seems intense, yet doable. I am all about keeping it short and sweet yet mixing it up. My goal is to do this every morning after going for a run. I also want to keep track of my progress and document it here. I find it helpful to write down what I am doing so I can easily see the progress I have made.

I think a good way to stay motivated is to find a picture of either yourself at a time you felt healthy or a picture of someone else who inspires you. I found this one on Pinterest and I love it.

Man oh man, if I could get my ass to look like that I would be very happy. I guess there is only one way to find out. Here goes nothing.

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