Thursday, February 9, 2012

let's bring back grunge

I have a lot of hair. thick wavy hair.
And once I learned what a straightener was it's been handled a little better- in the desert.
Now I live in Virginia.
The only other time I've lived in humidity was in Elementary school, in Seattle, in the 90s. Needless to say I didn't worry too much about my hair. Looking back I sort of had this Alanis Morissette thing going on. Actually although I wasn't too worried about my hair being “on trend”, I was definitely rocking that grunge look. Mostly it looked terrible, but wasn't that sort of the point of the grunge trend.

Flash forward to 2012.
I'm right back in Alanis territory. I went back to a side part because it was just a little to difficult to refrain myself from walking around naked thanking India in song.
The point you ask?
My name is Heather and I like to party. I’m the new girl with frizzy hair. Nice to meet you.

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