Friday, February 17, 2012

Love and Fashion.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. I know I did. While my husband had school all night, my mom took the kids for a few hours and I was able to spend some alone time wandering quietly around Target. It was amazing.

I love fashion. I love expressing myself in clothes and accessories. There is nothing better than feeling good in what you are wearing. Fashion is a way to let people know who you are, or at least let them guess. I love people watching and especially love looking at what people have on. I love people who are bold and brave in their fashion choices. One of my resolutions this year is to be more bold with my wardrobe. Now, when I say bold I don't mean just wearing some obnoxious color or pattern. I mean really figuring out who I am and actively trying to profess it through fashion.

I am totally digging lace and soft blouses. How gorgeous is this outfit, I love everything about it. So simple, yet so beautiful and feminine.

I am usually pretty boring with my clothing choices. Black is my go to color which is usually because it makes me feel skinny, or at least skinnier. I need to infuse more color into my closet. Like this gal. How adorable is that outfit.

It is always fun to look at celebrities for fashion influence. Rachel Bilson is someone I feel has great, effortless style. She takes risks, yet always looks confident and put together.

Another girl who's fashion sense I love is Lauren Conrad. That girl has style. And while she isn't always wearing bright colors, she wears everything with confidence.

My latest fashion wants are a pair of skinny jeans in a fun color. I mean how great are these pants. Perfect for spring. I have no idea if I could actually pull them off, but I will try.

I would also love a great blazer. Something like this:

What about you? What are your fashion inspirations? What have you always wanted to try out, but have been too afraid?

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Annalisa said...

I love that you want a bright fun color of skinny jeans. I just bought a pair of cobalt blue skinny jeans. I actually love them. I think they will be really cute this summer with sandals and a fun shirt! I'd like to be more bold with fashion too. Let's just go for it!