Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playroom Dilemma.

We have a nice space in our house that is the designated playroom. It is a loft area right by Hayden and Archie's room. It is a pretty good size with lots of potential. The first time we walked through the house it was looking something like this:

I know, dreamy right? We took one look at this room and new we had to have this house. Okay, not really. But, we were able to look past the beer wallpaper and terribly stained carpet to see it's potential. Fast forward to today and it has new texture on the wall, paint and carpet. Basically it is a whole new room. Yet it still looks anything but nice. On a daily basis it looks like a tornado hit it. Yes, I know it's the playroom so it should look like this, but it still gives me anxiety every time I go up there.

It drives me crazy that my children feel the need to dump out every. single. freaking. toy. within minutes of cleaning them all up. I keep threatening to throw them all away, but it doesn't even faze them. The little stinkers keep calling my bluff.  I vow one day to actually do it. I promise. In the mean time I have been searching for some pretty pictures to get my mind off of the play room madness. There is nothing like a really great picture to calm me down.



 aahhh....much better. Okay, now back to the business of the playroom. I am really digging the colors of the mood board below. Just ignore the crib, okay. I just want something bright and airy and colorful, but not too colorful for the space. The room has a pitched roof so I can't put much on the walls.

Hopefully I can come up with something quick, before my anxiety over the constantly disastrous playroom gets the better of me. Any tips on getting my children to clean up after themselves? Seriously I need advice!

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Janette said...

I know Ikea has great ideas for organizing everything. We bought some things for Boston's room to organize his toys and it's SO much better now. good luck with the picking up the toys.... that is always the worst part!