Thursday, February 16, 2012

So I bought a sewing machine.

I decided that that this was the year, the year I learn to sew. I guess you could say I technically know how to sew since I have sewn a few things in my life, but I in no way, shape or form can sew well.  I look online at all the talented people and think, "I want to do that", so that is my goal.

Once I purchased my sewing machine I got a bit ambitious and decided that my first project was going to be a new clutch. I love me a good clutch. It is just the perfect size bag for my checkbook, credit cards, chap stick, gum, phone, keys and any other small random things. Plus when I need to leave a diaper bag with a sitter I can just grab my clutch and go. After deciding what I wanted to sew I started stalking the internet, mostly pinterest and etsy, for inspiration and found some cute ideas.

I am having a mild love affair with all things chevron these days so I had to pin this awesome clutch. The link above has a full tutorial on how to create it and it can also double as a diaper and wipes carry-all.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

This is just such a classic with the nude leather and the tortoise shell closure. Not sure I could pull something like this off though, it looks very intimidating.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Oh stripes, how I love you so. How adorable is that nautical emblem, I just love it.

After reviewing many options I just couldn't find The One. So, I just decided to wing it. I gathered all the necessary supplies, plugged my sewing machine in, and turned season 3 of 30 Rock on. I decided on a navy and white striped fabric for the exterior and a floral fabric for the lining. I have a clutch that I love, but has seen better days that I used as a guide when I needed it. After sewing, removing stitches and then re-sewing just about every stitch at least twice I finally finished.

There are a few things I will change up the next time around and you don't want to look at my stitches too closely, but I'm quite happy with myself. Plus I loved every minute of the process and can't wait to get started on my next project. Hmm...any suggestions?


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Shannon said...

Did you line it? Or is it just the fabric?

Jennifer said...

I lined it with two layers of interfacing to give it more structure.

Janette said...

Yay for sewing! When I started I was doing it every night. I was literally obsessed. I think there is not a better feeling then finishing something you created. I love the clutch btw good job! now that you have finished you will have confindence to do something else! As for suggestions?... Always wash your fabric first (like if you are going to make something for yourself, Hayden or a baby gift)
hope to see you guys soon!

Annalisa said...

great job J. That looks great. Too complicated for my bones, but I really want to learn to sew too. It was my goal last year, and I still don't even own a machine. Let's get this club rolling!

Pam said...

Great job!!! It looks fabulous!!! Sewing is very addictive... LOL!!!