Monday, February 6, 2012

We actually did something on the house.

So we have been complete house slackers lately. Once we moved in projects became pretty non-existent around here, we..okay my husband...was just too burnt out and way too busy. But, I talked him into building me a fireplace mantle, replacing the front door and starting the trim. I have already shared the fireplace, so I am here to show you the front door and trim. Now, don't get too excited because neither of those things are completely finished, but they are getting there and that makes me very happy.

When we first started this whole renovating a house thing this is what the front door and surrounding area looked like:

An off center linoleum section, disgusting carpet, and an old dirty door with a brass doorknob. It just wasn't working for me, so we changed a few things. much better and it's not even finished yet.


Next on the never ending to-do list was the trim. We have had this massive pile of trim sitting in the living room since we moved in. It is the bane of my existence.

While I would have liked to have gotten rid of it completely that just wasn't going to happen in one day. But, we did make a small dent in the trim pile. Here is a photo of the doorway into the kitchen before:

and the doorway after:

I am so excited for this trim, Nick did such a good job. And I just love the small trim piece he added to give it a little something extra.

And, because I love my new fireplace so much I will leave you with another photo of it. Enjoy!


Annalisa said...

I love the trim. I love trim in general and I think it gives a house such a finished look. great job and keep up the blogging sister!

Janette said...

The trim adds such a great finish on the house. I love seeing all the progress you guys have made.