Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Week of Good Food.

Okay, so it is no surprise that I am a pretty terrible cook. Well maybe I'm not that bad, if I would actually cook. I just find it so hard to plan, shop and cook a decent meal every day. So, starting today I am going to try something new that my husband will thoroughly enjoy, cooking on a daily basis. Each week I will scour the internet in search of delicious recipes. I will post them here and then shop for and cook them.

Let's get started shall we.

Monday February 27, 2012
First up is Grilled Balsamic Chicken with Pesto. Oh pesto, glorious pesto, how I love you so. There is just something about pesto that is so so good. It is also my goal to make homemade pesto, none of this store bought business. Only time will tell if that is too ambitious or not.

eat, live, run

Tuesday February 28, 2012
Creamy Avocado Pasta, mmm avocado. Sorry, but you can't go wrong with avocado in my book. This recipe boasts it as a 15 minute pasta, gotta love that. Especially when you are usually flying by the seat of your pants come meal time like me. Now for some reason my youngest, Archie, has such a hard time eating pasta and by that I mean he refuses to eat it. He is a peanut butter and jelly kind of guy and I am trying to change that. Hopefully he will eat this.

oh she glows

Wednesday February 29, 2012
Shredded Chicken Enchiladas. Mexican food is my total weakness, I seriously could eat it everyday. Enchiladas are pretty simple and I have made them quite a few times, but this recipe looked too good to pass up. Plus it has cilantro in it and I love everything about cilantro.

a sweet pea chef

Thursday March 1, 2012
Chicken Souvlaki. This is one that I have only tired once, but I was reminded of recently and thought I would give it a try. I am usually pretty boring in my food preferences, but I am hoping to slowly venture out and try new things.

What's Cookin, Chicago

Friday March 2, 2012
Margarita Pizza. Now this recipe is only for the crust, but it just so happens to come straight from Italy.  Yep, I have some connections. ha ha. I have been wanting to make this crust for some time now and I can't wait to try it.

Man, this is kind of hard. I was only able to come up with five days of meals. It's okay to eat out on Saturday and Sunday right? Now my goal is to make all of these recipes on the days I listed them under, but I will adjust it as needed. Check back next week for my take on all of these delicious looking meals. Hopefully at least of few of them will work out for me.


Shannon said...

Man, I guess I haven't looked at your blog in FOREVER! There are so many new posts on here. I love all your fashion posts. You and your sisters are so good at that sort of thing. So's Carly. I'm just the weirdo in the corner with no sense of style (home decoration or fashion). It's awful, really. I know that I like things when I see them, but when it comes to putting things together, I am hopeless. I'm going to just buy all the things you post on here because it looks good to me, and then I don't have to think. Okay? Okay.

Also, I love that you're going to start cooking a lot. That's something I actually CAN do. Come up with meals, I mean. I have a system that works for me, and I really do cook every night. You'll love it once you start! You're so creative, cooking is just another way to express your creativity! I will say (for me anyway) if you plan too many different and exciting meals in one week, you'll burn out (and go broke). I always plan my menu on Sundays, and create roll over meals for the week. Like if I have a baked chicken meal on Monday, then I'll plan chicken enchiladas for Tuesday to use up the leftover chicken. Then day three I'd make some tikka masala to use up the rest of the see where I'm going. Get two meals for each ingredient you buy, cuts your grocery bill in half! Anyway, that's my two cents. Have fun with all your cooking and sewing and shopping and decorating! I really need to get a life and do some of these things. You inspire me!

Jennifer said...

Oh Shannon, you are too funny. You are so not the "weirdo in the corner". You have great style. nerd. Thanks so much for the tip on planning multiple meals with certain ingredients. I am starting to see how that will be very very nice to know. I am already thinking this weeks menu was a bit ambitious. live and learn I guess. Keep the tips coming.

Heather said...

You inspired me. I made the creamy avocado pasta. It was super easy and did take 15min, which was nice. I didn't love it though, but I didn't have fresh basil- maybe that was my problem. I'm curious to see how it turned out for you.