Monday, March 26, 2012

The Front Yard.

So, it turns out Nick had the Fire Academy all day on Saturday. Which means that no yard work went down this weekend. lame.

Okay, I gave you a glimpse of the project we started last week, but lets take a better look shall we. With the beautiful weather we have been having we decided to start working on our front yard. All the houses around us have luscious green grass, trees and plants. Our yard is a bit of an eye sore what with it's lack of anything green and boasting only dirt, dirt, and more dirt. Oh and I guess I can't forget the dead grass as well. It desperately needed life brought back to it and we were up for the challenge.

This pic was taken in May of last year, before we had even started any renovating. There was still a bit of green in the grass, but trust me it is dead, dead, dead now.

This pic was taken last Saturday after the diamond block had been removed from below the windows and the sidewalks had been removed. It is looking worse now, but it has to look that way before it can get better.

We also have a small strip of grass to take care of between the front sidewalk and the street. This strip is full of dead Bermuda grass and it has been such a nightmare to get rid of it.

First we talked Brandon into tilling it up for us. He somehow gets stuck with the worst jobs, like removing the linoleum tiles in the kitchen

and now tilling the front yard. He must really love us to keep coming back and helping out.

After Brandon finished with the tiller it has been my job to rake and shovel until every last chunk of grass is gone. As you can see by the photo below, which was taken today, I'm still not finished. Soon, very soon.

Once we had dug trenches and installed the sprinkler pipe and then filled the trenches back in, Nick started smoothing the yard back out and getting it ready for top soil and then sod. This photo was taken today as well.

Next on the to do list:
- pour a cement step that will wrap around the front porch
- pour a cement step up to the kitchen door.
- build planters out of railroad ties. below the windows, along the driveway and along the fence on the right.
- lay sod.
- put large stones on the grass for a walkway to the house instead of cement.
- level the driveway out. Lay road base and then gravel on the driveway

With Nick having all day Saturday and Sunday to work on the yard I am very hopeful we will get a lot done.


Annalisa said...

It is taking shape! I can hardly wait to see it all done with grass!!

Jennifer said...

you and me both sister, ha ha.

Shannon said...

Your the hardest workers I know!

Heather said...

you love yard work.