Tuesday, March 6, 2012

h is for hayden

I have been wanting to get a letter for Hayden's room for sometime now, but I could never quite find what I was looking for. Then as I was watching Friends the other day I found it. The perfect letter for my baby girl. I figured I could probably make my own, so that is just what I did.

Now I have never actually done a tutorial and I'm not sure this will even count as one, but here we go anyway. First trace your letter out on paper figuring out the size and shape you want it to be. Next fold your fabric in half and place the paper letter on it with the top lining up with the fold in the fabric. 

Then trace it out with a pencil and cut it out.

Next turn the fabric so the right sides are touching and start sewing the edges.  Make sure to keep the bottom edges of the letter open so you can stuff it easily. That's my new sewing machine, isn't she cute?

Now I am new to this whole sewing business, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to sew a somewhat decent straight line. ha.

Next trim the corners and make small cuts where the fabric curves, making sure not to cut any seams.

Then it's time to turn your letter right-side out. It will get wrinkled, but that is okay we will give it a good pressing in a minute.

Now iron it really well, so it lays nicely.

Now it's time to stuff it. Make sure you make it as smooth and lump free as possible.

Fold bottom edges in, pin and sew.

That's it, you're done. 

Now, I just need to get a shelf on the wall in Hayden's room to put this on.

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