Friday, March 2, 2012

i made it: painted spoons

Remember how people are crazy. And are selling things like painted wooden spoons for $30 because they are vintage, and with the handle of the spoon painted homemade too. I feel there are some things that you should not buy "vintage". And wooden spoons would be one of them (bed sheets would be another).
But I still think the spoons are cute. so.....
$FREE. (I already had the spoons & paint)
 What else should I make because it costs way more than it should?


Annalisa said...

I am sorry, but you are getting way too crafty to be my sister. heheh. Those spoons are sure cute. And I promise I will get your camera to you. You are being very patient.

Jennifer said...

I completely agree with you on people selling "vintage" wooden spoons. yuck. Your spoons turned out so cute. good job.