Monday, April 2, 2012

The never ending project.

Sometimes when you start a big project you get excited and instead of really thinking it through and planning it out you just jump into it. Then halfway through you take a step back and realize you should have done something different and then you are forced to back track a bit. *sigh*  Nick had the entire weekend off to work on the yard and yet we are more behind today then we were on Friday. lame. Especially considering he has the Fire Academy all day next Saturday, looks like it will be another 2 weeks before anymore progress is made.

So here is the thing. Sprinklers are a pain. We thought we could do one thing and then realized it wouldn't be very smart after talking to a landscaper friend. So we started digging trenches for sprinkler pipe yet again on Sunday.

I dug this trench all by myself. My arms and back are feeling it today.
If only we would have really thought the sprinklers out or called the friend from the beginning. Hindsight right? We did get a delivery of road base for the driveway and Nick picked up a bundle of railroad ties from Lowe's so the weekend wasn't a total bust.

On a positive note, Rick should be coming this week to pour concrete for us. Woot! The dirt is driving me crazy.


Annalisa said...

I need to get over there and see it all. I really has made progress. But I totally understand how you feel. I can come over and help dig trenches this week if you want.

Heather said...

you can't dig trenches silly annalisa.

Jen I'm excited to see what you guys do with those railroad ties.

Janette said...

Oh you need Nate to come help you guys with sprinklers. The man is a pro and very particular. He's done the sprinklers in both houses and saved us a good chunk of money.