Thursday, April 12, 2012


This house we find ourselves in is quite small. There is little to no closet space and trying to stay organized has been very difficult. Our washer and dryer are located in a closet in the kitchen with one small shelf above for all things laundry and cleaning. Our linen closet is a shared space with the hot water heater and each room has an excruciatingly small closet. Over the past six months since moving in I have desperately wanted to get organized, but I just can't quite get it together. I decided to take to the internet for a bit of organizational inspiration.

First up is a beautiful closet space, okay I use the term closet loosely, it is more of a dressing room. I have absolutely no space in my house for such an amazing shoe display, nor that many gorgeous shoes. But hey, a girl can dream right?

In all seriousness though my house needs to be organized desperately. The most annoying to me at the moment is the kitchen. We don't have a pantry so all the food is stacked on top of the fridge and it is such an eye sore. My hopes are to take some tips from spaces such as this...


and this...


I am making it my goal this week to get my "pantry" organized using fun and functional containers. What about you, any spaces in your home that could use a good dose of organization? I challenge you to conquer one of them this week and we will share them all next Thursday right here at onethirtytwo. Good luck!

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Annalisa said...

I wish I had that many beautiful shoes, if I did I would want something like that to showcase them! I love the last picture with the glass canisters that are labeled. I have a small kitchen too and I would love to have everything labeled like that.