Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A rainy weekend for yard work.

Every other Saturday Nick has the fire academy, this weekend he happened to have it off so we planned on getting lots of yard work done. Of course the weather decided to make it a bit more difficult by raining all day Saturday, but we didn't let a little rain stop us.

This is where we left off two weeks ago, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to only work on the yard every two weeks. Anyways, moving on. When we last left off we had started digging more trenches for sprinklers.

 This week in spite of all the rain we got a lot accomplished. Sprinklers? check. Concrete forms? check. Railroad ties? check. Top soil? check. Today the yard is looking a whole lot better.

The wood leading up to the front porch is just there so we don't have to constantly walk through the dirt, anything to keep it out of the house. Although it doesn't really help when the children play in the dirt all day long. We decided to put in a step that wrapped around the existing porch.

On the side of the house we are putting in a large slab of concrete up to the kitchen door. Yes it is just about the same as it was before, but when Nick pulled off the step the whole thing came apart. Once the concrete is poured we will add more dirt so the first step will not be so tall.

Progress people. progress.


Annalisa said...

I have seen it in person and it has made a lot of progress. I think you both are pretty much amazing.

Janette said...

yay! I can't wait to see it all finished.
p.s. I would love to take your pics especially since the last ones I did of you guys were straight up horrible!

Janette said...

not of you guys of course because you make any pic perfect but the quality and yellow of the white balance.
I was hoping that didn't come across the wrong way-