Friday, May 4, 2012

concrete pour.

Last Saturday we decided that instead of renting a small pull-behind trailer of concrete we would go the Quikrete bag route. So Nick headed to Lowe's and picked up 30 bags and a new wheelbarrow. 

Before we could get pouring however we had to finish up a few things with the forms. First Nick had to drill holes in the existing concrete for the rebar. We had a few helpers too.

Once all of the rebar was in we were ready to start mixing concrete.

We decided to just mix two bags at a time. Then Nick would shovel it into the forms. Once the wheelbarrow was empty I would start mixing two more bags up while Nick smoothed the concrete in the forms.

It all went surprisingly smooth considering we weren't so lucky with our first experience with concrete. It really helped to have a brand new wheelbarrow and to be doing it outside with little worry of spilling it.

After we were finished pouring the concrete Nick's boss stopped by who has about 10+ years of concrete experience. He was nice enough to stay and show Nick how to achieve a professional finish on our concrete step. 

This picture does not do this step justice. It turned out amazing. 

This weekend we plan on tackling the large step up to our kitchen door. Fingers crossed it goes as smooth.

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Annalisa said...

Man, I need to get over there and check out the progress. It is looking good. Cute helpers too! They are buff to be able to lift that drill. hahah.