Monday, August 27, 2012

a playroom of epic proportions.

Once upon a time we bought a house. In this house there was a loft area. Now this loft was once a black hole of dirtiness. The carpet was stained with what we hope was beer and not urine, but the crusty poo we found on the floor as well suggests otherwise. The walls and windows were covered in carpet padding and quite literally 1,000+ staples. And there were alcohol posters everywhere. It was bad.

Shortly after signing on the dotted line we began the process of gutting this lovely little space. Because the previous renters were so generous as to leave everything you see in this picture plus many things you don't see, it took us roughly 3 hours to get everything out. Including breaking that hide-a-bed couch into multiple pieces and throwing it out the window. much better already.

Flash forward one year and you get where we are today. A halfway finished space with tons of potential. Lets take a tour shall we. First we have the stairs leading up to the playroom. Very boring.

Next we have a lovely view of the "entertainment" section of the playroom. Yes those are holes in the wall behind and next to the tv. One of these days we plan on covering them up. They lead to the attic.

In this picture you see the "kitchen" area and a nice shot of the window in the room. You can also get a good idea of the ceiling angles.

Here you get a straight shot at the top of the stairs. The doorway leads into my children's bedroom. There should be books on that bookshelf, but as you can see they very rarely stay on there. The little ones love to pull them all off for no apparent reason other than to drive me crazy.

Behind the staircase you can see the top of a chalkboard easel and the "storage" side of the room.

This shot is from the kids bedroom doorway looking into the playroom. This room gets fabulous light from the large window.

Another angle of the tv area, plus a better shot of that hole in the wall.

This is looking into their bedroom. I feel as though it is an extension of the playroom and as you can see by the toys everywhere my children take that quite literally.

Yes they do only sleep on mattresses on the floor and before you go judging me you should know that it is actually a step up from the faulty (i.e. would completely lose air about an hour into bedtime) air mattress they had been sharing for the past year. Go ahead and judge now. It's okay I give you permission.

There is one small closet with no door that they love to pull all of their clothes from so they can pack their bags for imaginary trips.

One last picture for good measure. I just have to add how much I love the doors in this house. I picked them out myself and I can't wait to actually paint them. Oh and we still need to finish the trim around the closet.

If you made it through that excruciatingly long post I commend you, the reason for all the ranting is the wonderfully talented and totally gorgeous Mandi from Vintage Revivals is having an Epic Room Makeover contest and I really really really want to win. I mean come on Mandi I live right here in the STG so you could still see your family through this whole process.

Okay, so here is the deal...... 
September 7- September 14 I need you to head over to 
Mandi's blog and vote for me. Then you will tell everyone you know to go vote for me and so on and so on. And don't worry I will remind you as we get closer. Thanks in advance you guys are the best!  

****Voting starts Sept. 7th****