Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Renovations Round II

This July it will be six years since starting renovations on our little house. That blows my mind. 6 years!

Anyways, about two years ago our air conditioner broke, it never worked that well to begin with, but it stopped working completely. We went out and bought a few window units and a few portable units and they did the job. We stayed cool in the 100+ degree heat. But it was loud and still often uncomfortable in our house. So this winter we decided we had had enough. We needed a new air conditioner. Around that same time we decided that we officially needed a second bathroom. With the kids getting older and morning routines getting longer, the one bathroom just wasn't cutting it any longer. We thought about adding on to the downstairs, but we settled on adding a bathroom/master suite upstairs.

This is what the current floor plan upstairs looks like:

And here is our vision for the new space:

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have my own bathroom, separate from the kids and any guests that come over. I am excited to fully utilize the space upstairs, which until now has just been a storage pile. And I am excited to get my washer and dryer out of my kitchen and into a space of its own. Let's just hope we can all survive the overwhelming amount of dust that has settled on every inch of our house.